Past Projects

  • I wrote a 30-page booklet on what Python can do to help social science researchers. I’m very passionate about using more versatile languages like Python to really get into the nooks and crannies of data analysis, where more traditional statistical packages leave off. Check it out.
  • I downloaded USPTO data on 1.7 million patents, which I’m hoping use for a few projects once time permits. I believe these are rich datasets providing a window into innovation both in the US and among the world’s technological leaders. I served as a research assistant at the USPTO’s Office of the Chief Economist during the summer of 2011.
  • “Alternative Measures to Index Social Security Benefits” – Analyzed the effects of indexing US Social Security benefits to the CPI-W during the decline in this measure of price levels caused by a sharp fall in the price of oil in 2008. Used Bureau of Labor Statistics data to examine four alternative measures of price level, including an experimental index to approximate the spending habits of the elderly. Focused on each system’s costs to the government, equity to beneficiaries, and feasibility for implementation. For ECON1485: Social Security Reform; co-authored with Christine Lai.
  • “Analyzing the Stock Market after Election Day” – Used stock market data from Yahoo Finance to analyze the effect of Obama’s election over McCain on relevant industry sectors and geographic locations. For CS0931; with Kyle Poyar.
  • “Does a Representative’s Background Affect Voting Trends?” – Used publicly accessible House voting records to identify similarities in the voting patterns of ethnic groups of Representatives. For CS0931.
  • “Using Python to Present a Visual Analysis of Pieces of Text” – Applied a Python code I wrote to graphically represent the most common words of text documents to contrast their tone (eg, “president” and “executive” in the US Constitution contrasted with “state” in the Articles of Confederation). For CS0931.
  • Coordinated The Brown Daily Herald’s monthly opinion poll of 10% of Brown undergraduates (Fall 2011, Spring 2011, Fall 2010, Spring 2010).
  • Coordinated a special Herald report on the causes and effects of the squeeze on undergraduate housing at Brown.
  • My high school Humanities teacher made me update a blog for a few months about philosophy.